Is social media killing society’s politeness?

Have you ever had a huge argument through FB posts? Or added your polarizing opinion about something going on on Twitter?

Well, you’re one of the many who would rather use social media to say your negative comments rather than in person. People’s conversations and dialogue on social media is becoming more and more hostile because there are no repercussion for what you type into a little box on your computer screen. You don’t get yelled at through your computer, or get to see the other person crying on the other side of the screen. 88% of people are more likely to to be impolite on social media, according to

And let’s not get started about the decline in in-person contact… Baby boomers these days say they would rather use social media for a emotional conversation rather than talking in person. What is happening to society? If this is our youth being raised to have their relationships through tablets, phones, and laptops… then our world is screwed. At this rate, we will probably just all be sitting in our rooms in the future in front of a computer screen with no human interactions to keep our personal relationships alive.

Fun Fact about the conversational fights through social media.. “it is unsurprising that 81 percent say the difficult or emotionally charged conversations they have held over social media remain unresolved – See more at:” And because of this, we resort to “unfriending”, blocking, or unsubscribing.

Social media is ultimately just destroying personal interaction which is necessary for personal relationships. We need to start using these social media sites for their positive aspects, and not using them negatively.


2 thoughts on “Is social media killing society’s politeness?

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