Social Media – is it helping to define new standards of beauty?

In class today, we discussed the Dove Campaign called Redefine Beauty. It brought a whole new perspective to the media world that I had never thought about before. The campaign is based off the fact that the media has played a major role in defining what beauty is. It is the skinny, beautiful models that we see on magazines and ads, or the actresses and actors who are flawless and done-up with makeup. But, this add is helping to young girls and women to realize that media – especially the “selfie” – can help us allow that beauty has many different definitions.

After watching the video on it (, it made me realize that selfies are helping us define beauty. We send out pictures of ourselves, or post them on social media sites, and we are comfortable with these pictures of ourselves. It makes us realize that people think also think that beauty is the random quick pictures of ourselves, and doesn’t have to be defined by what the models look like. I just thought it was just interesting to look at social media and selfies in a positive way, rather than all negative.

What other things in the media help us to see beauty outside of the standard mold?


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