Smartphones are the new Buddha?

During the down time in between two of my classes, I sat outside and just stumbled through some sites on my computer – Mashable being one of them. An article caught my eye about 5 meditation mobile apps that have been created to help people deal with their stress.

As of lately, I have been completely swamped with work. I honestly feel like for the past 4 weeks I have sat in front of a computer for almost half of the day, either typing projects, researching, doing projects, making power points…  So when I saw this article about 5 phone apps that could help me relax, I called BS. Being on my phone, looking at ANOTHER screen, is literally the last thing I want to do these days to help me get away from all my stress. My phone has even added to my stress lately, having to get in touch with people for group projects, getting constant emails, etc. Let’s just say, I am happy to set it down and not look at it for hours.

When I saw this article, I thought to myself… “Am I a rare case of trying to get away from technology? Do other people find comfort in it?”

I mean I just can’t get over days that I have to be in front of a screen instead of being outside on these beautiful spring days…

As I read some of the apps and what they do, I thought No Way could these help me calm down. I would rather be out on a run to get my stress out, or hang out with a friend and just enjoy their company when taking a break from everything.

So, I guess my question is, would people really find comfort in these. Am I one of the few who still enjoys time in the world without a technological device or constantly being connected?

To learn about these apps…


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