Texting and Driving

I drove to Charlotte on Thursday and came back today, and I can honestly say I was astounded of the number of people on their phones while driving…

It was absolutely terrible. Yes, I have been guilty of it before, but I realized a while ago that I cannot text and drive. So, I rarely use my phone in the car unless it is to send a one word text to my parents or call someone, or to use Pandora. I really barely ever text.

I really started noticing after a man was swerving around in and out of his lane in the lane next to me. He was a little behind me and my lane was ending and I needed to get over or else I was going be run off the road… So, I am trying to get over with my blinker on and this man will not let me. I realize his head is looking down at his phone. I blow my horn as I am about to go off the road, and he looks up and realizes what he is doing. I yelled at him through my window as loud as a could, and usually never get road rage… It was all because he was on his phone.

From there on out, the whole way, I noticed people driving absolutely terrible. And almost every car I went by, there heads were down looking at their phones and they would look up on and off. It was insane. Since when did looking at our phones matter more than our own safety, not to mention other people’s safety?

I was disgusted at the amount of people carelessly driving, swerving in and out of lanes, putting everyone else in danger of a wreck. ALL BECAUSE OF A STUPID PHONE.

As you can tell, I am a little heated. This is the first thing I did when I got home. I had to write about it.

Technology is blurring our lives. And people need to start realizing it, or else careless things will happen and people could get hurt.

Here is a really interesting site with some important stats on texting and driving… people should start caring.



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