Has technology changed the way we study?

I grew up doing the traditional way of studying. I had taken my notes on paper during class time, and I would make write out note cards for all the information, which I would use to help quiz myself and learn the information. Luckily, I was blessed with a pretty great photographic memory, so just rewriting the notes onto note cards was one of the most helpful parts.

I spent all night last night studying for a big test I have this morning (and yes, I am now blogging instead of studying before my test)… another sign of multitasking because of technology… but where was I? Oh right, so my studying all night has not consisted of writing out my notes onto paper note cards. Instead, I have used the online note cards, called Quizlet, a website that allows you to make sets of note cards. All you have to do is type in the terms. Except, I found myself saving time, and copy and pasting the term and the definition from my notes (which were not taken on paper, rather typed-up in class on a word document). I got to thinking this morning as I got up early… Why do I not know this information as well as I should after studying for so long?

Ding ding ding! It was the way I consumed it, typed it out, and studied it on a screen.

Technology has completely changed the way I learn now. I no longer write things on paper… Please, that takes too long! I instead whip out my handy dandy laptop and start typing.

But, sometimes… while I am typing and “listening” in class, I zone out to a website, or Facebook, or I check Twitter, or I text from my IMessage on my computer, or I look at pictures, or I browse a online-shopping catalog.

No wonder I am not taking in the information and learning as well.

Kids these days have no longer grown up with the traditional learning methods, and have not necessarily been taught the same way due to the growing amount of technology.

We have e-textbooks, tablets, laptops… who needs paper and a chalkboard.

I found an article that states the top 12 ways that technology has changed learning….http://www.teachhub.com/how-technology-changed-learning. I was so interesting to actually see this because, when I think back to elementary school, everything was so different in the world of learning. And, I think I learned the material better.



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