Facebook’s Paper App

So, after our discussion about Facebook’s new app, Paper, I decided to download it and check it out. And surprisingly, I actually like it. This is kind of rare of me to like because although I have a Twitter and Facebook, I don’t necessarily spend much time on them on a regular basis, except just checking Facebook for a couple minutes at a time. I think Paper has something to offer though. We talked about its sleek interface, which I definitely think organizes the App well and makes it easy to use. But, I also think it’s going to bring a lot more attention to websites, news articles, blogs, etc. that they would have never have found without it. It gives you a chance to browse a topic in an organized way and pick what you want to spend your time paying attention to or reading deeper.

I know for me personally, It is making me more aware of news, with it’s headline page. I am not one to check the news often in a newspaper (sorry John Robinson), or turn on the news unless I am home with my parents or its the Today show. So, this gives me a chance to look at many different news stories easily and quickly.

But, I guess thinking a little deeper into this app. Do we think it is going to save Facebook? I think it will give Facebook more revenue through this app, but I don’t think it will affect the normal Facebook because they are just too different.

I think overall the Paper app is a very creative new addition to the app and social media world. It’s making us aware of things we didn’t even know were out there.


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