Spending my time watching TV, but I’m not watching it on the TV…

So I am sitting in bed this morning, watching my guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl, on Netflix and it hit me that I haven’t turned on a TV to actually watch the shows that I love live (other than the Today Show), in a really, really long time. What is happening to live television? Everyone I know now just watches their favorite shows on Netflix whenever they want, and why? Well that’s simple. It is convenient to watch whenever you want and there are NO COMMERCIALS.

That’s the best part about Netflix. No commercials.

But, where is this leading our traditional use of television? And, not to mention, what is going to happen to the marketing world if everyone is watching Netflix and not watching their ads on TV? Are commercials and ads going to have to be adapted into these sites like Netflix and Hulu Plus?


Facebook’s Paper App

So, after our discussion about Facebook’s new app, Paper, I decided to download it and check it out. And surprisingly, I actually like it. This is kind of rare of me to like because although I have a Twitter and Facebook, I don’t necessarily spend much time on them on a regular basis, except just checking Facebook for a couple minutes at a time. I think Paper has something to offer though. We talked about its sleek interface, which I definitely think organizes the App well and makes it easy to use. But, I also think it’s going to bring a lot more attention to websites, news articles, blogs, etc. that they would have never have found without it. It gives you a chance to browse a topic in an organized way and pick what you want to spend your time paying attention to or reading deeper.

I know for me personally, It is making me more aware of news, with it’s headline page. I am not one to check the news often in a newspaper (sorry John Robinson), or turn on the news unless I am home with my parents or its the Today show. So, this gives me a chance to look at many different news stories easily and quickly.

But, I guess thinking a little deeper into this app. Do we think it is going to save Facebook? I think it will give Facebook more revenue through this app, but I don’t think it will affect the normal Facebook because they are just too different.

I think overall the Paper app is a very creative new addition to the app and social media world. It’s making us aware of things we didn’t even know were out there.

Technology Worsening ADD and ADHD

So while I was running on the treadmill today, I was watching The View and they actually had an interesting conversation going on between them. They brought in a doctor to explain how our technology consumption is worsening ADD and ADHD with those who have it. The conversation made sense… those with ADD are already distracted and unfocused enough as is, but adding all the technology we have today (computers, phones, tablets, etc.) is just making it worse because it additional stimuli being put into our world causing us to lose even more focus.

I looked into this a little more and found this video that puts it very simply…. http://www.sharecare.com/health/add-adhd/how-internet-phone-worsen-adhd

It was interesting to hear this conversation because I think that even people without ADD and ADHD are being affected. At least I know this is true for me. I lose focus right away on say, reading an article online. Either my phone buzzes or I click over to Facebook. My focus is all off these days and I really wonder if technology has played a big part in this…

Superbowl XLVIII

Wow, what a let down… I usually love the Superbowl for the all the different advertisements. Along with the actual football game… But, this year was such a bad display of both. There are usually many different advertisements that stick out to me during the game, but I can’t even recall any of them. And It’s amazing to think how much money was spent making those advertisements and paying for the Superbowl slot. It’s interesting how the Superbowl has become more than just a big football game. It is all about sponsors, and advertisements. Why is this? What can;t it just be a simple game for football still? This media disruption and commercialization isn’t just happening with the Superbowl. Think about the Olympics… It is not just a competition of displaying pure athletic competition anymore, its all about the media aspects, sponsors, and how much companies can get their advertisements out there to endorse their companies. Yes, all these things usually provide entertainment, but are they ruining these traditional events?

Today, I sat down to start reading my first actual novel of the semester. I realized this was the first paperback book I have read in a while, other than a textbook because I didn’t have to read any novels for my classes last semester. But, after reading a few minutes of my book, it was SO hard to stay focused on the all the sentences on all pages for some reason. And then i realized why… I have been using my Kindle for all of the past novels I have read in about 2 years. I didn’t realize how much the Kindle makes reading a different experience for me. On the kindle, it is actual enjoyable to me. And on a paperback book, it is not. Not to mention, I can read so much faster on my kindle. But, why is this? Is it because I am used to looking at screens all the time and reading from them. Is it the fact that I can change the font size to be bigger so it is easier and faster to read? Is it because I don’t have to to hold the pages down to keep them from flopping around, I simply just have to press a button? The answer is yes, to all of those questions. I kind of see this moment for me as a way I have adapted to the changing forms of media. The traditional form of reading is no longer enticing to me, and actual just bores me more. So, is this what is happening to the majority of people out there? Or, is the traditional way of reading from a paperback copy still the favorite? I am interested to look into this more. How much longer will we even have real books…..

Hilarious, but it makes a point…

Hilarious, but it makes a point…

So I stumbled across this link/video from someone who shared it on Facebook. While watching it, I couldn’t help but think, “What if this was actually the case?” Why do girls have such a stereotype for being such divas with social media, while most guys could usually care less… Well girls do edit their pics, and take a lot of selfies…. but why don’t guys ever do this? Is it just in our genes to be like this and care more about the way we look and act on social media? Or is it taught to us by being around friends, and others who do the same things? I guess, I am just curious now why we act the way we do on social media, especially girls. Should we really care that much what our image is through texts on a screen, or a picture. I don’t think so at all. Girls need to start just being who they are and accepting that they may not get 100 likes on their instagram photo, but they are just posting it because they want to share it, and its not to impress anyone.

An interesting read…


I was browsing around the Nielsen website today as we were discussing it in my JOMC 279 Research class, and I found some interesting findings from Nielsen about the media. I thought this one was interesting when I was reading more about it. Nielsen found that the majority of people who tweet about TV are also the majority of people who tweet about brands. This finding is definitely helpful for advertisers and marketing purposes in order for their brands to reach more people through socialization, such as Twitter. It is amazing to me how many tweets are just sent out during TV shows…. 36 million people sent out 990 million tweets…. that’s insane. It also shows that our media consumption is not just watching TV, or looking at our phones or using our computers, but it is using many different media sources at once. This article is definitely an interesting one, especially if you are looking into an advertising or marketing job in the future.

I think I am being stalked…


Actually, I know I am… and it’s kind of freaking me out. I was just browsing around the internet this evening, and I happened to pay attention to the sides of the websites I was on (Facebook & The New York Times.com). Both of them had ads, but what really freaked me out about it was these were ads for things I had been viewing on my computer lately. It had the exact same dress from the clothing website that I shop from, along with shoes and a purse that I had in my shopping cart to buy. This wasn’t the only ad that had my recently viewed things on it… I have been doing a little research looking around for places to stay on spring break in Key West. And of course, the resort I had looked at popped up on the side.

I hadn’t really thought about the whole cookie in the computers tracking your movement from site to site, or the personal things that you like… until today. And it really is creepy. I feel like someone has just been spying on me while I sit here by myself in my room at my house. It seems to me to be a totally breach of our privacy. Is our future going to have all kinds of devices that can track our movements? And, what if this was to get in the wrong hands of some people? Although I am not the only one being personally targeted from the internet cookies and advertisements, I still find this just a bit eerie.

Transcendence: Could this really be apart of our future?

While I was waiting for my movie to begin at the movie theater today, I saw this preview. Of course, my first thought was Johnny Depp… must be a weird one. But, the trailer for the movie actually caught my eye and attention. And it also got me thinking…

The movie is about a man who’s mind is downloaded onto a computer. Although his body is dead, his mind still lives and is actively feelings and thinking. This brings him unstoppable power.

Could this actual be a realistic thought for our future? Will machines and devices have thoughts and human feelings? Better yet, will we have robots that can do these things.

The power of technology is growing… and quickly, especially with these wild ideas like the one in this upcoming film. I am a bit skeptical of the things that technology will bring in our future, and with all the unknown, will it be able to be controlled by simple humans?