The “No Kids Policy” Campaign

A new social media campaign has begun to stop the paparazzi from stalking and harassing the kids of the famous stars. Started by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, this campaign in gaining momentum among many of the actors and actresses in Hollywood who are signing on to keep the children safe.

While many of the supporters have children of their own, many also do not, but are still making a stand on the problem that is at hand.

It began from a bill that was trying to be passed on California that protected kids from the paparazzi. 

Not only are they trying to gain support from other actors, but they are also targeting the media outlets buying the photos and the consumers buying the magazines. They want the consumers to really think about what went into getting the pictures in the magazines they are buying. If they can stop the consumer demand for these photos and these magazines, then there will be no reason from the paparazzi to take these pictures that harass children.

Large media outlets are not getting on board such as – “Entertainment Tonight”, People Magazine, Buzzfeed, “The Insider” and a few more.

I think this movement is a great things and it could really make a difference. Even though I don’t buy the weekly gossip magazines or the tabloids, I see on the news every now and then about someone getting harassed by the paparazzi. And it is dangerous if there is children around – especially if this is happening in a car, etc.

People have the right to their own space, even if they are the most famous actress or a high profile figure.

And yes, yes, many of you would agree that it comes with the job of being famous. But, does the lack of security for your children come with the job, too?

I think this campaign is also important for another factor – could this be another addition that is adding to the decline of magazines? If the traditional paparazzi are taken down for the things they do, then what is going to happen to magazines?

Are they going to change their material that they print? Or are they just going to slowly stop printing?

This great campaign’s success could help to the downfall of a traditional media source… but, they question is, is this good or bad based on everything bad that comes from the paparazzi?

To read more,, or google “No Kids Policy” Campaign.



WOW Could it get any less personal than this…

I was watching the Today Show this morning with my mom, when they started talking about this new website,

And after listening to what it was, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s a website that writes your wedding vows for you.

Like, come one. Do we really need techology to do that? I thought vows were supposed to come from the heart and your feelings, not to mention, be your own words that you are able to write because you love someone so much. Isn’t that why you are getting married?

They said this website was created because people don’t have time to sit down and write their weddings vows anymore. Come on… like can you not take 30 minutes out of your whole day to just sit down and write these personally.

Just think if you were getting married and you heard vows that your husband or wife didn’t even take the time to write.

Ouch. Yeah, I’d be saying the same thing. (that is when i get married… which is a long ways away)

But, this just ads to the many other times I have posted about technology just making relationships that less personal. And this is big.

We are starting to trust technology to do too many things – things that really should be coming from human feelings and thought.

Had a great conversation… with myself

I am sitting at dinner tonight and it’s just my friend and I having a one on one dinner. And I swear, I am just talking to myself the whole time…

she was texting, taking pictures of her salad (for instagram, i’m sure), more texting….

what has our world come to, people? Can we not have a dinner with a friend and not be on our phones for a whole 30 minutes?

Society has lost their manners with phones, and it’s now because we are all so plugged in through so many different things.. instagram, twitter, and half of the other Apps I don’t use…

Is this just going to get worse? Are we even going to have relationships in the future as the media grow? Face to face conversation will probably be no more. And it is sad… because we would rather be immersed in our media world rather than our real one.

Can the mass media be considered a journalist?

After our class last week and readings of the topic, I got to thinking about today’s media. And one thing popped into my mind… does today’s media have the goal of serving the public?

Or is it just worried about profit and being number one on the list with its competitors…?

We had examples of this the other day with the Sochi tweet that became viral with all news stations. They all played clips of the tweet and didn’t have proof that it was real. So, why did they automatically put it on television? Probably because they wanted to be the first ones to have the footage on their channel, so more people would tune in to watch it or replay it from their website. And what does this bring them?…. Profit.

What’s real and what’s not anymore in the media? We hear stories everyday, but how do we know they are true, and all the facts that we are hearing have been verified? We don’t, but we still all seem to constantly immerse ourselves in today’s media and don’t really care if it is true or not, we are still being entertained, right?

What ever happened to a journalists goals were to loyalty to the truth and the public. Not happening anymore.

I researched this a little and found some good quotes that help me explain what I am thinking… when asked by citizens why journalists and the media aren’t doing something to discover and publish the truth, one journalist answered with this:

“…. As a loyal American, trained as a journalist some 45 years ago, I am convinced that journalists in the U.S. feel increasingly trapped between their professional values and the marketing/profits mentality so evident now everywhere in the news industry. The old professional values urge them to dig, investigate and bring to the light of day the relevant facts and issues, while the market/profit mentality asks, ‘Is it worth it? Do enough people care?’ It seems clear enough that the market/profit mentality has won out, especially in electronic news, and to a considerable extent in the print media. … Meanwhile, the push for corporate profit margins much higher than those of average American businesses goes on — with 40 to 100 percent in the electronic media and 12 to 45 percent in the print media common during 2003.”

He seems to explain the problem perfectly. But, why is this happening? Is it because of cutbacks in media outlets, less investment in the quality of the news and media?

To read more about some arising problems that are seen in the media, go to

Is Social Media degrading our youth?

As I was running on the treadmill today, I was watching the news (yes, that’s right the traditional news on TV) I heard about a story that is being investigated in many counties in North Carolina about the circulation of nude photos by high school students on Instagram. What has our world come to if girls are degrading themselves on social media by posting nude photos? Don’t they know that anyone can see these? And there are series consequences that can come from these nude photos… a year of jail time for distributing these types of pictures to minors. Bet the girls didn’t know that.

It made me wonder if all this access and use of social media is changing the minds of youth for the worse, making unacceptable things acceptable in their minds. Middle school students that are involved in this case are even involved, and middle school students are only 11 to 13 years old. This is too young to be exposed to nude photos. What is going to be happening with them when they are say, 18 or 20.

These nude photos taken by the girls can go even deeper into a possible debate on how women are constantly being sexualized in the media, and is this affecting the younger generation of girls? Do they think that because they sent pictures of them nude, that makes them sexy to boys? Could these thoughts be stemmed from all the media that surrounds us today, that continuously is feeding us pictures and scenes of girls wearing barely any clothes to get attention?

I think there are a lot of problems with this situation, and honestly it is probably just going to get worse as the media world continues to grow. So, what can we do about it? Schools are implementing educational programs around the area to reiterate the seriousness and consequences of unsafe behavior online or through social media.

Is this the answer? Or do we need to start doing more to save our nation’s youth from shameful behavior?

To read more about this situation…


Is the sports business going out of business like the rest of traditional media?

As I am sitting here watching both golf and the Daytona 500, I started to think about whether or not we will be watching sports on Netflix like the rest of TV that we watch nowadays? Today, traditional TV just not as important as it used to be. If we miss one our shows, we either pull it up on DVR or we go to Netflix and catch up on the season. What happened to calling our friends to all come over and watch the season finale of a show together?

So, in that ramble about TV my question was being explored… but, lets think about sports. People make it a point to turn on the TV to watch their favorite team play in the big bowl game or watch a rivalry of their favorite two teams (I know there wasn’t a Carolina or Duke fan not watching the game last week). And what about big events that only happen once a year, like the Daytona 500 or Wimbledon or the Masters?

I say as long as there is a love for the sport and you are a passionate fan, you will make it an appointment to not miss the sporting event. There’s no time shifting the event with DVR. And you certainly won’t be able to go watch it on Netflix.  That is why sports will last even though traditional TV watching is fading. Live + Value + Passion= an audience.


Is social media killing society’s politeness?

Have you ever had a huge argument through FB posts? Or added your polarizing opinion about something going on on Twitter?

Well, you’re one of the many who would rather use social media to say your negative comments rather than in person. People’s conversations and dialogue on social media is becoming more and more hostile because there are no repercussion for what you type into a little box on your computer screen. You don’t get yelled at through your computer, or get to see the other person crying on the other side of the screen. 88% of people are more likely to to be impolite on social media, according to

And let’s not get started about the decline in in-person contact… Baby boomers these days say they would rather use social media for a emotional conversation rather than talking in person. What is happening to society? If this is our youth being raised to have their relationships through tablets, phones, and laptops… then our world is screwed. At this rate, we will probably just all be sitting in our rooms in the future in front of a computer screen with no human interactions to keep our personal relationships alive.

Fun Fact about the conversational fights through social media.. “it is unsurprising that 81 percent say the difficult or emotionally charged conversations they have held over social media remain unresolved – See more at:” And because of this, we resort to “unfriending”, blocking, or unsubscribing.

Social media is ultimately just destroying personal interaction which is necessary for personal relationships. We need to start using these social media sites for their positive aspects, and not using them negatively.

Has technology changed the way we study?

I grew up doing the traditional way of studying. I had taken my notes on paper during class time, and I would make write out note cards for all the information, which I would use to help quiz myself and learn the information. Luckily, I was blessed with a pretty great photographic memory, so just rewriting the notes onto note cards was one of the most helpful parts.

I spent all night last night studying for a big test I have this morning (and yes, I am now blogging instead of studying before my test)… another sign of multitasking because of technology… but where was I? Oh right, so my studying all night has not consisted of writing out my notes onto paper note cards. Instead, I have used the online note cards, called Quizlet, a website that allows you to make sets of note cards. All you have to do is type in the terms. Except, I found myself saving time, and copy and pasting the term and the definition from my notes (which were not taken on paper, rather typed-up in class on a word document). I got to thinking this morning as I got up early… Why do I not know this information as well as I should after studying for so long?

Ding ding ding! It was the way I consumed it, typed it out, and studied it on a screen.

Technology has completely changed the way I learn now. I no longer write things on paper… Please, that takes too long! I instead whip out my handy dandy laptop and start typing.

But, sometimes… while I am typing and “listening” in class, I zone out to a website, or Facebook, or I check Twitter, or I text from my IMessage on my computer, or I look at pictures, or I browse a online-shopping catalog.

No wonder I am not taking in the information and learning as well.

Kids these days have no longer grown up with the traditional learning methods, and have not necessarily been taught the same way due to the growing amount of technology.

We have e-textbooks, tablets, laptops… who needs paper and a chalkboard.

I found an article that states the top 12 ways that technology has changed learning…. I was so interesting to actually see this because, when I think back to elementary school, everything was so different in the world of learning. And, I think I learned the material better.


UNC/Duke Tweets Go Viral

So, I am browsing Facebook this morning, just killing some time… And I see this link that has been shared on Facebook about the UNC/Duke tweets that were hilarious after the UNC-Duke game was postponed. I had already seen a few from my Twitter feed the night that it happened, but I decided I wanted to get a good laugh. I followed the link to this page..

While I was reading these hilarious tweets that got recognition as the “Top UNC/Duke tweets of the day,” I saw the last one by our one and only JOMC 240 teacher, John Robinson. Way to get on the top tweets, John!

The variety of all the different people who posted is what really caught my attention. There are people posting on Twitter from students, to professors, to alumni, to coaches, and also reporters and writers. Twitter has become a quick place for us to express our thoughts in a short amount of words. And many times, trends like this that we see on Twitter go viral. We even discussed it in class about the problems a tweet can cause with a majority of people.

So, do we think Twitter is an acceptable place to give our opinions. Do we want the world to have the chance to see, in the chance that it was to go viral? Do we think that people overreact to these small texts?

I personally like Twitter for the humor aspect, but everyone has their own opinions and how they like to share it. Mine is not going to end up on Twitter, that’s for sure.


Spending my time watching TV, but I’m not watching it on the TV…

So I am sitting in bed this morning, watching my guilty pleasure, Gossip Girl, on Netflix and it hit me that I haven’t turned on a TV to actually watch the shows that I love live (other than the Today Show), in a really, really long time. What is happening to live television? Everyone I know now just watches their favorite shows on Netflix whenever they want, and why? Well that’s simple. It is convenient to watch whenever you want and there are NO COMMERCIALS.

That’s the best part about Netflix. No commercials.

But, where is this leading our traditional use of television? And, not to mention, what is going to happen to the marketing world if everyone is watching Netflix and not watching their ads on TV? Are commercials and ads going to have to be adapted into these sites like Netflix and Hulu Plus?