Response to Tara

I was reading Tara’s blog post about Snap Chat, and I think she nailed it when she talked about how snap chat is great because there is no “like” button. I know so many of my friends who would NEVER post a bad picture of themselves with a double chin on Facebook or Instagram, but they send those babies out like 5 times a day on Snapchat… and I think it’s hilarious.

I love Snapchat for the fact I can send out silly pictures to all my friends and not really care, because I know its going to be deleted (and I can even decide how fast it is deleted!)

The one thing that I think has changed this kind of simple, naturally-looking picture that Snapchat allows us to send out without judgement is the filters that have been added to the App.

We all know we look better in black and white picture, or with a little tanner looking skin…So why not just change the filter?

But, why not just have the original picture that is going to be deleted. It just seems like with every App that uses pictures these days, that new things are being added to make the picture look just a little bit better.

Even my ugly selfies have gotten a little prettier when I use the tan filter.

So, I guess my question is why do we always need a filter or enhancement to make out picture look better? Why not just be satisfied with a regular simple picture?

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