And the Research Begins…

I finally made a decision and chose my topic for our final in JOMC 240 from our prompt… “Where will the mass media be in 10 years from now?”

Now, I am not the most creative thinker of all time, but I decided that I would put my focus and creativity into the future of the world of sports. As I was doing some research, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of other people also thinking about the future of the sports industry.

As I was reading some articles, one especially stood out to me about how much our world could change. The article – – makes 10 predictions that we will experience, or most likely experience, in our future when it comes to sports.

A few amazed me, and even got me kind of excited for this new and improved sports experience.

1. Holographic viewing – the action would be right in front of you without you even having to go to the arena to watch the game. Although I love going to sporting events (especially for the hot dogs and other junk food), to think I could sit in my bed and feel like I am in the stadium watching a tennis match just amazes me. It also makes me think we are going to get extremely lazy, which is a downside to it.

2. The different live angles and instant replays – the fact I could choose which angle I want to watch the sporting event from is so cool – especially if I wanted to see my favorite player up close 😉

3. Instant access from new technology to show us statistics of what is going on in the game – this could come from a chip in an athlete’s helmet or uniform, or sensors on their actual bodies to give us information about their speed, heart rate and other measurements. But, then again, do the athletes really want everyone watching to know all their body’s information.

4. Last, but not least, the “clickable option” – this one stood out to me solely because I always get hungry when I see a commercial about food when I am watching TV. I can’t help it, I love to eat. But, if I could touch my TV when I saw that hot pizza on the screen and order, then you better believe I am going to be spending a lot of money and gaining some weight. It would be so cool.

All of these ideas have made me excited to look into my topic more and see how this is going to change the mass media of the sports industry as technology grows.


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