The “No Kids Policy” Campaign

A new social media campaign has begun to stop the paparazzi from stalking and harassing the kids of the famous stars. Started by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, this campaign in gaining momentum among many of the actors and actresses in Hollywood who are signing on to keep the children safe.

While many of the supporters have children of their own, many also do not, but are still making a stand on the problem that is at hand.

It began from a bill that was trying to be passed on California that protected kids from the paparazzi. 

Not only are they trying to gain support from other actors, but they are also targeting the media outlets buying the photos and the consumers buying the magazines. They want the consumers to really think about what went into getting the pictures in the magazines they are buying. If they can stop the consumer demand for these photos and these magazines, then there will be no reason from the paparazzi to take these pictures that harass children.

Large media outlets are not getting on board such as – “Entertainment Tonight”, People Magazine, Buzzfeed, “The Insider” and a few more.

I think this movement is a great things and it could really make a difference. Even though I don’t buy the weekly gossip magazines or the tabloids, I see on the news every now and then about someone getting harassed by the paparazzi. And it is dangerous if there is children around – especially if this is happening in a car, etc.

People have the right to their own space, even if they are the most famous actress or a high profile figure.

And yes, yes, many of you would agree that it comes with the job of being famous. But, does the lack of security for your children come with the job, too?

I think this campaign is also important for another factor – could this be another addition that is adding to the decline of magazines? If the traditional paparazzi are taken down for the things they do, then what is going to happen to magazines?

Are they going to change their material that they print? Or are they just going to slowly stop printing?

This great campaign’s success could help to the downfall of a traditional media source… but, they question is, is this good or bad based on everything bad that comes from the paparazzi?

To read more,, or google “No Kids Policy” Campaign.



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