I was persuaded to get on Instagram…

So, I did it. I was finally talked into getting an Instagram over Spring break by my girlfriends who use it excessively.

And so far, I have mixed feelings about it.

Pros- you get to see a lot of pictures, you get to like pictures if they interest you, it’s fun to share a good picture that you capture

Cons- It takes away your attention from other things, you end up spending too much time either browsing or checking for new pictures, and it makes people cocky.

I’ll focus on the Cons here, since the Pros are mostly self-explanatory.

I can’t tell you how many times I have checked Instagram since I got it, and I JUST GOT IT ON MONDAY. That disgusts me. I am not a huge fan of social media. I use it occasionally with Twitter and Facebook, but the fact I am checking this new app so many times worries me. Is it just a beginners thing? – Sure hope so. 

I also was having a conversation with someone and I all of the sudden was checking my Instagram – how rude. I really never do stuff like that, but where the heck did this urge to just drop my attention from my mom and a friend to pictures on a screen come from??

And for the cocky aspect – my friends were so worried when they didn’t get a lot of likes from their spring break picture. I mean come on now, more likes doesn’t mean your more popular (or does it…?)

Well, I did a little research on others’ use of Instagram and I figured I wasn’t only the addicted one.

There are 150 million active monthly users of Instagram.

At least 70% of users log in once a day, and 35% log in multiple times a day.

More than 75 million are daily Instagram users.

Instagram grew 66% in its mobile app usage last year.

There are an average of 55 million pictures posted daily.

There are around 35 million selfies posted on Instagram.

There are 1.2 billion likes per day on Instagram; 3500 likes per second on Instagram. 

It is amazing to read these statistics. It gives you a feel of how much Instagram is really used. And it is still growing. Like I said, there are pros and cons to the App, but at what point are we going to see more cons than pros with apps like these…

To read more stats, go to http://expandedramblings.com/index.php/important-instagram-stats/#.UyMBkRipo7A


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