WOW Could it get any less personal than this…

I was watching the Today Show this morning with my mom, when they started talking about this new website,

And after listening to what it was, I just couldn’t believe it. It’s a website that writes your wedding vows for you.

Like, come one. Do we really need techology to do that? I thought vows were supposed to come from the heart and your feelings, not to mention, be your own words that you are able to write because you love someone so much. Isn’t that why you are getting married?

They said this website was created because people don’t have time to sit down and write their weddings vows anymore. Come on… like can you not take 30 minutes out of your whole day to just sit down and write these personally.

Just think if you were getting married and you heard vows that your husband or wife didn’t even take the time to write.

Ouch. Yeah, I’d be saying the same thing. (that is when i get married… which is a long ways away)

But, this just ads to the many other times I have posted about technology just making relationships that less personal. And this is big.

We are starting to trust technology to do too many things – things that really should be coming from human feelings and thought.


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