Had a great conversation… with myself

I am sitting at dinner tonight and it’s just my friend and I having a one on one dinner. And I swear, I am just talking to myself the whole time…

she was texting, taking pictures of her salad (for instagram, i’m sure), more texting….

what has our world come to, people? Can we not have a dinner with a friend and not be on our phones for a whole 30 minutes?

Society has lost their manners with phones, and it’s now because we are all so plugged in through so many different things.. instagram, twitter, and half of the other Apps I don’t use…

Is this just going to get worse? Are we even going to have relationships in the future as the media grow? Face to face conversation will probably be no more. And it is sad… because we would rather be immersed in our media world rather than our real one.


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