Can the mass media be considered a journalist?

After our class last week and readings of the topic, I got to thinking about today’s media. And one thing popped into my mind… does today’s media have the goal of serving the public?

Or is it just worried about profit and being number one on the list with its competitors…?

We had examples of this the other day with the Sochi tweet that became viral with all news stations. They all played clips of the tweet and didn’t have proof that it was real. So, why did they automatically put it on television? Probably because they wanted to be the first ones to have the footage on their channel, so more people would tune in to watch it or replay it from their website. And what does this bring them?…. Profit.

What’s real and what’s not anymore in the media? We hear stories everyday, but how do we know they are true, and all the facts that we are hearing have been verified? We don’t, but we still all seem to constantly immerse ourselves in today’s media and don’t really care if it is true or not, we are still being entertained, right?

What ever happened to a journalists goals were to loyalty to the truth and the public. Not happening anymore.

I researched this a little and found some good quotes that help me explain what I am thinking… when asked by citizens why journalists and the media aren’t doing something to discover and publish the truth, one journalist answered with this:

“…. As a loyal American, trained as a journalist some 45 years ago, I am convinced that journalists in the U.S. feel increasingly trapped between their professional values and the marketing/profits mentality so evident now everywhere in the news industry. The old professional values urge them to dig, investigate and bring to the light of day the relevant facts and issues, while the market/profit mentality asks, ‘Is it worth it? Do enough people care?’ It seems clear enough that the market/profit mentality has won out, especially in electronic news, and to a considerable extent in the print media. … Meanwhile, the push for corporate profit margins much higher than those of average American businesses goes on — with 40 to 100 percent in the electronic media and 12 to 45 percent in the print media common during 2003.”

He seems to explain the problem perfectly. But, why is this happening? Is it because of cutbacks in media outlets, less investment in the quality of the news and media?

To read more about some arising problems that are seen in the media, go to


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