UNC/Duke Tweets Go Viral

So, I am browsing Facebook this morning, just killing some time… And I see this link that has been shared on Facebook about the UNC/Duke tweets that were hilarious after the UNC-Duke game was postponed. I had already seen a few from my Twitter feed the night that it happened, but I decided I wanted to get a good laugh. I followed the link to this page..


While I was reading these hilarious tweets that got recognition as the “Top UNC/Duke tweets of the day,” I saw the last one by our one and only JOMC 240 teacher, John Robinson. Way to get on the top tweets, John!

The variety of all the different people who posted is what really caught my attention. There are people posting on Twitter from students, to professors, to alumni, to coaches, and also reporters and writers. Twitter has become a quick place for us to express our thoughts in a short amount of words. And many times, trends like this that we see on Twitter go viral. We even discussed it in class about the problems a tweet can cause with a majority of people.

So, do we think Twitter is an acceptable place to give our opinions. Do we want the world to have the chance to see, in the chance that it was to go viral? Do we think that people overreact to these small texts?

I personally like Twitter for the humor aspect, but everyone has their own opinions and how they like to share it. Mine is not going to end up on Twitter, that’s for sure.



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