Technology Worsening ADD and ADHD

So while I was running on the treadmill today, I was watching The View and they actually had an interesting conversation going on between them. They brought in a doctor to explain how our technology consumption is worsening ADD and ADHD with those who have it. The conversation made sense… those with ADD are already distracted and unfocused enough as is, but adding all the technology we have today (computers, phones, tablets, etc.) is just making it worse because it additional stimuli being put into our world causing us to lose even more focus.

I looked into this a little more and found this video that puts it very simply….

It was interesting to hear this conversation because I think that even people without ADD and ADHD are being affected. At least I know this is true for me. I lose focus right away on say, reading an article online. Either my phone buzzes or I click over to Facebook. My focus is all off these days and I really wonder if technology has played a big part in this…


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