Superbowl XLVIII

Wow, what a let down… I usually love the Superbowl for the all the different advertisements. Along with the actual football game… But, this year was such a bad display of both. There are usually many different advertisements that stick out to me during the game, but I can’t even recall any of them. And It’s amazing to think how much money was spent making those advertisements and paying for the Superbowl slot. It’s interesting how the Superbowl has become more than just a big football game. It is all about sponsors, and advertisements. Why is this? What can;t it just be a simple game for football still? This media disruption and commercialization isn’t just happening with the Superbowl. Think about the Olympics… It is not just a competition of displaying pure athletic competition anymore, its all about the media aspects, sponsors, and how much companies can get their advertisements out there to endorse their companies. Yes, all these things usually provide entertainment, but are they ruining these traditional events?


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