Today, I sat down to start reading my first actual novel of the semester. I realized this was the first paperback book I have read in a while, other than a textbook because I didn’t have to read any novels for my classes last semester. But, after reading a few minutes of my book, it was SO hard to stay focused on the all the sentences on all pages for some reason. And then i realized why… I have been using my Kindle for all of the past novels I have read in about 2 years. I didn’t realize how much the Kindle makes reading a different experience for me. On the kindle, it is actual enjoyable to me. And on a paperback book, it is not. Not to mention, I can read so much faster on my kindle. But, why is this? Is it because I am used to looking at screens all the time and reading from them. Is it the fact that I can change the font size to be bigger so it is easier and faster to read? Is it because I don’t have to to hold the pages down to keep them from flopping around, I simply just have to press a button? The answer is yes, to all of those questions. I kind of see this moment for me as a way I have adapted to the changing forms of media. The traditional form of reading is no longer enticing to me, and actual just bores me more. So, is this what is happening to the majority of people out there? Or, is the traditional way of reading from a paperback copy still the favorite? I am interested to look into this more. How much longer will we even have real books…..


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