Hilarious, but it makes a point…

Hilarious, but it makes a point…

So I stumbled across this link/video from someone who shared it on Facebook. While watching it, I couldn’t help but think, “What if this was actually the case?” Why do girls have such a stereotype for being such divas with social media, while most guys could usually care less… Well girls do edit their pics, and take a lot of selfies…. but why don’t guys ever do this? Is it just in our genes to be like this and care more about the way we look and act on social media? Or is it taught to us by being around friends, and others who do the same things? I guess, I am just curious now why we act the way we do on social media, especially girls. Should we really care that much what our image is through texts on a screen, or a picture. I don’t think so at all. Girls need to start just being who they are and accepting that they may not get 100 likes on their instagram photo, but they are just posting it because they want to share it, and its not to impress anyone.


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