I think I am being stalked…


Actually, I know I am… and it’s kind of freaking me out. I was just browsing around the internet this evening, and I happened to pay attention to the sides of the websites I was on (Facebook & The New York Times.com). Both of them had ads, but what really freaked me out about it was these were ads for things I had been viewing on my computer lately. It had the exact same dress from the clothing website that I shop from, along with shoes and a purse that I had in my shopping cart to buy. This wasn’t the only ad that had my recently viewed things on it… I have been doing a little research looking around for places to stay on spring break in Key West. And of course, the resort I had looked at popped up on the side.

I hadn’t really thought about the whole cookie in the computers tracking your movement from site to site, or the personal things that you like… until today. And it really is creepy. I feel like someone has just been spying on me while I sit here by myself in my room at my house. It seems to me to be a totally breach of our privacy. Is our future going to have all kinds of devices that can track our movements? And, what if this was to get in the wrong hands of some people? Although I am not the only one being personally targeted from the internet cookies and advertisements, I still find this just a bit eerie.


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